They provoke you to go beyond your limits and make you feel as though you have no choice but to act on their provocation.


They let you know that you are free to act however you please, but they make it clear that they would never act in a similar manner.


You'll hear exactly what you want to hear from them, but it'll be couched in imprecise language that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. 


They will act hurt or engage in a lot of passive-aggressive behavior until you apologize to them. 


They will attempt to hide their own insecurities by projecting them onto you.


They won't stop giving you unsolicited advice or opinions about what they think you should do until you actually carry out their suggestions.


Will act as if they require assistance and are unable to carry out daily tasks on their own.


They will turn the information they have gathered about you into a weapon and work to ensure that you are unable to refuse to give them what they want from you.


They will disappear from the circumstance unless you go after them and find them. 


They won't use anything but "cold, hard facts" against you, and they'll wait until you're emotional before doing so.


They will tell you that they are extremely self-aware, that they know what they need to improve, and that they promise it will change, but they will continue to do the same things.


They will either bring up everything they have done for you in the past or go off on a tangent about something that happened in the past.

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