Aries love compliments that support their strength, spontaneity, joy, and fearlessness. Winning proves they're best. They may be egocentric and question your flattery.


Taurus are better at self-praise than receiving it. They believe compliments, but they don't know how to respond. They may be more comfortable returning the compliment to the giver.


Gemini's mood affects compliments. If they're feeling happy, they may accept it, but if not, they may dismiss it. As if they don't trust compliments, they're better at giving them.


When appreciated, they may cry, especially if it's regarding parenting or career. They know not to cry at work and that crying when praised is unseemly.


Leos like compliments because they don't regard them as a sign of arrogance but as a sign of success. Leos smile, light up, and hug to demonstrate how much they enjoy a compliment.


Self-confident Virgos accept compliments. Perfectionists may find compliments kind. Virgos aim for perfection, therefore they may distrust compliments on insecurities.


Libras notice those who never give them compliments. They're polite and return compliments.Libras understand the power of compliments and don't mind giving them.


Scorpios evaluate compliments cautiously. If you lie or manipulate, they'll shut you down. Scorpio isn't flatterable. Scorpio will appreciate your sincerity. Youngsters crave honest appreciation.


Sagittarians overreact to compliments. They like praise. They hope the complimenter agrees. Without compliments, they'll laugh.


Capricorns are good at giving credit. Whenever someone complements them on the project's success, they'll point out that someone else assisted and deserves some of the credit.


Aquariuses blush but are happy when complimented. They desire humility. That's great. They receive compliments awkwardly despite giving them constantly.


Pisces love praises, especially creative ones. Pisces may overlook the complement due to their imagination or new idea. Repeat a compliment until Pisces answers.

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