Aries hates inaction and will instantly plan to get over him! aries will go through all the stages of grief, but it will be the largest sign turnaround ever.


As she is sensual and tactile, taurus requires a best friend to soothe her on hard nights. She's possessive and stubborn, so it may take her time to get over him.


Gemini will rant about her ex.and needs this verbal outburst to get over him because she's outspoken and communicative.


Cancerians are sentimental and emotional. Instead of embracing the relationship's flaws, they get emotional and remember the good moments.


Leo loses confidence after a heartbreak. He'll distract himself by being creative and having fun with his friends to his favourite music.


Virgo knows she needs time to understand herself and her feelings. Nonetheless, her self-focus can lead to self-criticism. Virgo needs a girls' night if she's moping.


Libra is fair and will trust everyone, even if they don't. Libra likes him. Libra needs others because they detest being alone.


Scorpio starts cold. Envy, trust, and secrets will characterise her divorce. As she realises that articulating her feelings will help her move on, she will become an emotion specialist.


Sagittarius will be joyful during the breakup. She accepts fate. She uses the breakup to do whatever she wants. She may visit the rock springs down the block or the world. 


With the grace of a lady, Capricorn will handle this split. She knows it won't help to cry, so she won't bother. Likely, she will spend more time with her family and less with her friends.


Aquarius thinks deeply and solves problems. She uses her alone time to reflect on her relationship and feelings. Nonetheless, she will return when she wants to have fun.


Pisces, known for her selflessness and friendliness, tends to focus on herself after a breakup.  Music helps her express herself.

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