Generally, Aries don't like to lie. To them, it serves no purpose. They don't want to deal with the fallout from being exposed lying. Furthermore, they don't think twice about lying when they tell one.


When it comes to getting what they want, Taurus is the most obstinate sign. They will resort to telling a fib if they feel it is the only way to get what they want.


Geminis enjoy attention and mischief. Since they have vivid imaginations, people believe them! You don't care if it's true because they're so excellent at it.


Cancer lies to protect you, whether from others or from yourself. They do it out of kindness to comfort you that everything is alright even though it isn't.


Leos enjoy the spotlight. So when they tell you a narrative, it may be true but overdone. The more astonished their audience, the more inflated their stories.


Analytical Virgo avoids lying. They'd rather focus on the circumstance. Unless the truth prevents a resolution. Even then, they're weighing the advantages and downsides.


Libras, the zodiac's diplomats, must lie for the greater good. People don't know they're lying until it's too late since their lies are somewhat credible.


Scorpios are suspicious and manipulative liars. Their observance helps them to examine every aspect of a scenario and choose the finest falsehood.


Sagittarius is honest. They never lie because they love their friendships and family. If they have to lie, they tell the largest falsehood possible, typically for a good reason.


Capricorns despise lying most. They refuse. Their skepticism makes them against lying. They lie quickly if they do. They'll feel bad and confess regardless.


Aquarians have a knack for telling entertaining tales. Even if their lies sound too wonderful to be true, their delivery is so polished that many listen to them.


Pisces don't lie. But only for worthy causes. It's either for your safety or theirs. They're too sensitive to get outraged when their deception is revealed.

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