Find out what Aries thinks after the crowd leaves. You'll never learn them from Aries' approved talking points. Complex and loyal, they won't open up until they connect.


Tauruses never discuss business, including themselves, with non-tradespeople. Expertise is required. Show your work. Speak up. They dislike meaningless soundbites. Speak up.


Geminis never stop. Texting for a few days won't familiarize you. Work, play, hustle. Newcomers don't deserve attention. Start with one conversation and plan ahead. Work hard.


Remember your last trippy sci-fi/murder/mystery? What was each detail's significance? That's Cancer. Follow the breadcrumbs because there's no rewind or captioning. Carry on. Connecting and asking. Satisfy your curiosity. 


Leos need attention. They want to be heard, despite initial stage fright. Childhood dream. Show your enthusiasm for their suggestions. They'll repeat without asking. 


I don't recommend negging, but you have to show Virgos you're not intimidated or they'll always be your fans. Wisdom is tough love. Poking fun at their self-importance breaks their myth. 


Libras won't talk basics. No Taylor Swift, sports, or weather. Show complex, emotional, and intellectual thinking. Libras play any game. They'll be rough when they realize you're their weight.


To open up a Scorpio, you must prove your honesty over time. They recognize manipulation because they understand emotion. They understand fake interest. Be true. Get their trust first. 


Sagittariuses love spending time with shy or quiet partygoers. They'll interview. They won't leave you alone when you open up. They'll reveal a bit about themselves for every secret you share.


Capricorns must know you don't gossip. Don't gossip about them. Because small circles spread news quickly, they don't trash-talk. They're not petty, but it's ugly.


Aquariuses naturally know everything. They intrigue. Leaving them alone breaks that nut. Listen—they're always working. They always relate work to identity. Follow the thread.


To know Pisces, steal their attention. Ask what they're thinking while staring out a window. They don't share their thoughts because they think most people aren't aware of their mental state. Buy a ticket.

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