Plan everything. You organize travel and date nights. You're well-known for never getting lost. Wears out. 


Loyalty is exploited. They expect your support. Tauruses are known for this, but not forever. If you stop investing in a relationship, you can't expect it to last.


You're abused. You're nice. You make everyone have fun when out. Unfortunately, people use this to drain you or assume you're too nice to stop them. 


People exploit your kindness.Cancerians have the largest hearts. They'll sacrifice for family. Cancers are happiest when their loved ones appreciate their generosity.


Abusing social skills.Everyone likes Leos. They exude quiet confidence. Others may depend on you to broker peace treaties, carry the conversation, or introduce them to your contacts.


Exploiting problem-solving.Virgos fix everything. They like meeting people and planning life changes. After that, that person must lead. 


Relationships are exploited.Libras are best friends. Always there. You'll love them. You must manage your relationship. Thank you! Appreciate Libra.


Friends defend.
Scorpio rarely exploits. They're strong and assertive. Scorpios adore. Scorpios fight for them using this small weakness.


Your calmness is exploited.
Sagittarians rarely rage. They value harmony and avoid conflict. Sagittarians are reluctant to speak up, so cunning people may push them too far.


Your work is exploited.
You're lucky. They want your "magic pill" and contacts. They don't understand your hard work. It wasn't easy.


Exploiting intelligence.
Kids had homework. You know "can you help me with..." means "do this for me." They think you like intellectual topics and want to do everyone's homework.


Self-defense aversion is exploited.
They push because they know you'll react slowly. You slowly deplete. Avoiding conflict lets them bully you.

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