Let them cool down. In their anger, trying to reason with them will make things worse. Let them cool down, then talk to them.


Stop arguing because they'll keep going until they win. Relax. Apologize, let it go, and move on.


If you've angered a Gemini, beware. Apologize and do something nice. To calm them will take time.


Avoid insults. They suffer more. Apologize and express your love. They're soft hearted and can't be angry.


Don’t be condescending to them. Hear them out, let them speak, and try to make amends by being nice to them. You will have to be the one to diffuse their anger.


Just remember to apologise in a genuine manner. In general, Virgos have a good capacity for compassion.


Wow, um, good luck?


Apologize and learn from your mistakes. They remember and won't be burned again.


As a gesture of goodwill and in order to show that you are sincere, you should buy them something that they enjoy. They are able to see through you completely.


Let them have some time to decompress beforehand. Then, you'll be in a better position to sit down and talk things out rationally.


I don't think they'll stay mad for very long. If they are still upset, sincerely apologise and give them some space.


If you somehow manage to make a Pisces angry at you, your best course of action is to simply apologise, give them a hug, and treat their tender hearts with care.