Strong, resolute women are adored by Aries men. A male Aries will want to chat to you constantly if you let him know you're self-assured.


To attract a Taurus man, start as a buddy. Taurus men appreciate friendship and trust and won't date beyond their small circle. He'll know you after becoming pals.


Gemini men like independent women. He'll follow you if you move first or stare at him before he can. Geminis like self-assured women.


Cancer men are more sensitive and emotional. He like staying home and relaxing. To impress a male Cancer, suggest watching a movie at his place.


Leo men like to explore. He seeks a woman with similar interests. Be the life of the party and Leo men will notice your eccentricity. He'll act instantly.


Virgo men like orderly, trendy girls. He notices a girl's clothes and appearance. If you want a Virgo man to notice you, dress professionally.


Shared interests can attract Libra men. Loves nature. If a Libra man discovers your love of nature, he'll find you irresistible and come crawling.


Independent people attract Scorpio men. Scorpio males hate self-sufficient girls. They'll chase a smart woman immediately.


Sagittarius men like it when women talk to them. Discussing about everything gets his attention. Sagittarians enjoy to talk. He will adore talking to you and want to continue.


Have an academic conversation with a Capricorn guy to capture his attention. Capricorns appreciate serious chats.  The more you think, the more he thinks about you.


A intriguing female will catch Aquarian men's attention. Until he meets you, he'll be curious about you. You can go on forever.


They like reading, drawing, and music. Possibly a local symphony or art museum. He'll see your art passion and want to discuss about it on these sites.

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