Don't be timid. Be honest with them. They are drawn to people with passion and drive. Keep it fresh and new. Routine and issues from the past become boring to them. Let them exercise some authority.


Wait for them. Sustainability impresses them. Physical jokes amuse them. Discuss money, wealth, or nature to spark conversation. Be discreet.


Their interests are diverse but they are not eager to delve into the details. Intellectual conversation and gossip hold their interest. They will become bored if you are not versatile with them.


They're sensitive and empathetic. Admire their quirks. They are spiritually inclined and intuitive. They enjoy offering advice when asked.


Applaud their achievements Make them laugh they're usually funny. Atmosphere is valued. Be bold! Be extra with your gestures.


Health nuts, they probably know nutrition laws! Since they hate spontaneity, plan with them. Talk about work or their pet to have fun! They value practicality and detail.


Social butterflies Diverse cultural interests. You'll get along if you let them teach you and then insistently praise their intelligence.


Mystery captivates them! If you don't listen, they'll get mad. They like dark humour. Debate the meaning of life with them! The first date may bring up s.x.


They enjoy discussing current events, philosophy, and friends. New adventures ignite them! Avoid cornering or controlling them. It's off putting. They love learning and travelling.


Since they prefer to listen, these people like people who are funny and talkative. Stay on time! They value discipline, hard work, expensive taste, and standards. Dance or walk with them.


These people enjoy socialising but prefer serious conversations over trendy ones. They'll discuss anything humanitarian! They love conspiracies.


Discuss your and their fantasies. They value creativity. Sentimentalize. They love mysticism, the supernatural, and poetry. They like secrets.

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