You often speak your mind. You're exhausted lately. Nothing bothers you anymore.


No sparks lately. No butterflies. You and your partner no longer want to try anything new.


You like talking. To avoid conflict, you've stopped saying things. You may simply not want to talk to them.


You put their needs before yours and bottled up your feelings so much that everything they say or do disgusts you. You're passive-aggressive because you don't like them anymore.


You're a romantic who craves praise. However, even small romantic gestures and physical effort have stopped. They're done wooing you.


You're critical of those you love because you want them to be their best. You've stopped advising. Stop caring.


Love should be beautiful, romantic, peaceful, and harmonious. But lately, things feel off-balance. You want to be alone instead of with them.


You're suspicious of others stealing your partner. Lately, you're not concerned. You don't worry.


You like your independence, so settling down and wanting to spend time with someone is a big deal. It's becoming tedious. You hate seeing them.


Comforting someone is hard. You're reticent. However, they've become unsettling. Anxious and irritable.


You think the relationship has changed recently. It's no longer fresh. They don't excite you. Everything's blah.


You’re intuitive and emotional. You're compassionate. You've been less sympathetic to your partner lately. You're drifting apart.

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