They want to be your BFF and then some. You excite and energize them. They ask lots. Touchy feely and bold, they'll initiate. Aries lovers are caring but intense.


They entertain you but hide their feelings as they grow stronger. You'll be tested before trusting. Tauruses want to include all the finer things in your relationship.


They talk nonstop and bond quickly, even if they're confused about their feelings. Geminis are fun and love to love, so "falling in love" to them means a deep, genuine connection.


They're curious but cautious. Cancers feel everything intensely and look before they leap or, let's be honest, stare for a long time and get indecisive, worry some more, and then decide.


They're possessive. Leos have big egos, so when they care about something, they want to own it. Leos fall in love charismatically, but they also want to share their life with someone.


They hide their fear. Though difficult to read, they love deeply. Virgos act cool and send vague "let's chill!" messages, so you'll never know how they feel.


For you, they fight. Libras love themselves, their lives, and productivity and peace, so if they start sacrificing that for you, that's the first sign. Libras only fight if they care deeply.


They love you first. Even if a Scorpio says they "don't want a relationship" or "just looking for something casual," when they fall in love, they become intensely loyal and act like a couple.


Adventure with them. Loved Sags want weekend trips, jokes, and fun. They see love as a great chance to have more fun and want to start right away.


They're preparing. Capricorns want certainty and a goal. They take life seriously and thrive when they think you're working toward a lifelong commitment, family, or healthy, thriving partnership.


Selfless, they seem surprised by your relationship. Aquariuses are the best lovers because they'll give you everything and want a can't live without it love.


They share their dreams and are instantly devoted. They'll play their favorite music, send you links to inspiring things, write letters, and let you into their weird little worlds.

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