Your Aries man probably lies and is distant. Lying makes Aries moody and distant. He may blame you. Gaslit? He's lying. 


Taureans conceal. Open communication. He ignores lies. Taurus would gladly prove his innocence. He may be dishonest if he doesn't dispute you. 


Gemini has trouble seeing you when lying. If accused, he'll fight. When lying, he'll give too many details. If he's lying, he'll stop talking. 


Lying Cancer avoids eye contact. He paces. He's antsy. He'll lie and make excuses if he's lying. Cancer obsesses guiltily. His sudden, contrite love betrays you. 


Leo boasts. He'll lie. He'll chuckle. You may doubt your judgment. Selfish people keep secrets. Leo no longer lies. If he stops prioritizing you, someone else may. 


Virgo's chatter and oversharing indicate deception. He lies with those details. He speaks oddly. Lying Virgo may look worried. This calm, cool, and reserved man gets emotional when lying. 


Libra worries about his deception. When lying, he'll avoid you. Calls and texts drop. He can't face you. He's not wrong to avoid conflict. 


Scorpio preaches honesty and transparency. For his privacy, this sign lies. Persuade him. He snaps when grilled. He may be furious. He'll get defensive over your "absurdities." 


Sagittarius lies easily but is honest. He lies too easily. He ignores your nonsense. You'll regret doubting him. Possibly insanity. Sag will deceive him. Track him...


Catch a Capricorn liar. Poker face conceals his lies. He may never persuade. He condescendingly lies. “He’s honest,” he’ll say. It terrifies.


Aquarius men are sneaky. He hesitates. Aquarius switches topics. He may even ask questions to deflect. He deflects and minimizes. Being caught irritates him.


Pisces liars. He'll deceive. Pisces falsely accuses. He persuades. He may escape, making you apologize. Always blaming others. He'll blame you. 

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