Explore your submissive and his dominant sides to keep your Aries man forever. You make me feel helpless, whispered into his ear, will make him feel like ruler of your universe.


Taurus men love when women show their emotions and vulnerabilities. Avoid building walls to keep him around. Despite difficulties, he'll respect your honesty.


If you're scared about your Gemini man leaving, he probably is. Geminis love new experiences that inspire them. Your bored Gemini. Surprising him to win him back.


Long-term relationships can easily neglect loving embraces and delicate touches. That will lose your Cancer dude. A Cancer's dream is a loving touch,  a kiss on the head.


Leo men shine. He believes he is the best in bed, computer repair, and partying. You haven't made him your everlasting sweetheart yet if you're terrified of overpraise.


Despite Virgo men's complexity, winning them over permanently is easy. Don't try to read his mind—you'll never understand him. Instead, ask him what he wants in bed.


Libra's most exciting relationship is a wine tasting. He wants to experience your relationship's many flavours.Let him meander if you want him to stay.


Let a Scorpio man lead to keep him. He's not dominant, but he's content with someone who indulges his strong tastes.


Sagittarius men love truth or dare. Sagittarius loves adventure. Whether you tell him your wildest sexual urge or suggest ice climbing, he will want to share a life of adventure with you forever.


Capricorn guys need order. He may love you yet be upset if you go out on the night he usually stays home to work on his new pet project. Honor his limits.


You're lucky if your boyfriend is an Aquarius. To keep him in love, let him delight you. He loves your happiness. 


Pisces men are deeply spiritual and sensitive. You must join his spiritual quest. Don't only encourage him to try a different meditation group; attend with him and discuss what you learned.

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