Aries boys love determined girls. Tell him you want him—they appreciate competition. Be truthful.Don't deceive him. If you're not it, he won't be content.


Taurus boys are patient, so start as friends if you desire his attention. Talk to him and show him your awesomeness.Show him your friendship before getting hot. 


Surprise the curious Gemini guy by taking him on an impromptu vacation to a new place in town. By the time you go home, he'll only be thinking about you.


To get a Cancer's attention, touch him. However, privately. Make it clear that you like him without scaring him. Be gentle. Be patient—it will pay off.


Dressing up, batting your eyes, and being direct about what you want will help capture a Leo's attention. Or you could just give his lips a great big kiss. 


Loyal and analytical Virgo males. Being yourself gets him most.Have a drink and serious chat at the bar. He's watching. If all goes well, he'll connect with you quickly and fluently.


If you're having a good time and dressed in something cute yet practical, he'll notice you. Get his favorite beer before he comes over for maximum impact.


Eyeball a Scorpio man. It's simple. If you click with these men, you'll know immediately away. Beware: they're jealous, so make sure you're flirting with him just.


To impress a Sagittarius, take him to a comedy show. Watch his favorite comedians and order takeout.Always laugh. After seeing your fun, he'll never leave.


Plan a concert night to bring Capricorn guys out of their heads. Show him you know what he enjoys and can have fun doing it to capture his heart.


Since Aquarius men are gregarious, take him to a festival or the beach and let loose! Your enthusiastic demeanor and ability to keep up with him will impress him.


To seduce a Pisces man, you must focus on his emotions. Nothing phony or outlandish—just be yourself, look him in the eye, and have a great discussion. 

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