Reduce time spent in the sun

Skipping sunscreen could hurt your skin, as if you needed another excuse to use it. Sun exposure causes skin dryness. Sunscreen can help prevent dryness.

Keep in mind that different products will have different SPFs. If you have dry skin and want a plump, bouncy appearance, pick one of them!

Turn on the humidifier

Skin might dry faster when exposed to air. Room humidifiers provide moisture to the air. When heating and cooling systems remove moisture from interior air,

as they do in the summer and winter, the device becomes very important.When skin is injured, moisture is lost through the cracks. Dry, irritated skin is helped with a humidifier.

Put off the steamy showers

Steamy hot showers may worsen dry skin. Transepidermal water loss dehydrates fragile skin. In dry-skin flare-ups, dial down the heat and shorten your shower.

Choose a skin care regimen that is high in lipids

Targeted skincare is the final step for dry skin over 60. Our skin produces much less collagen, elastin, and sebum as we age.Oils contain ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol.

Lipids and sebum will repair your skin.Ceramides, fatty acids, cholesterol, or a combination of these should be in your moisturizer morning and night.

Supplement your diet with hyaluronic acid

For glowing, supple skin, this is the secret. Hyaluronic acid keeps skin wet and prevents moisture loss.

Supplement your diet with hyaluronic acid

Vaseline or Aquaphor should finish your skincare routine. Occlusives are beneficial because they are thickened formulations of oil and water, 

which our skin no longer produces at 60.They're great for nighttime skincare sealing. Petroleum jelly blocks water evaporation from the skin when applied.

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