When anxious, Aries rages. Instead of thinking, they act impulsively and assume the worst. Aries will panic when they lose control over their emotions. 


Taurus compartmentalizes emotions well. They naturally react optimistically to anxiety and stress. They rarely fall.


A busy mind is a safe space for a Gemini. As a means of relieving stress, they frequently overcommit themselves to ambitious projects. 


Cancer, a water sign ruled by the moon, is often criticized for being overly sensitive. When Cancer is feeling vulnerable or threatened, it retreats into its shell. 


Leo will persevere under pressure. They face their demons head-on and show up in bad situations.


Stressed Virgos obsess and worry. They constantly imagine solutions. Until anxiety subsides, their personal and professional lives may suffer.


Libra is the most sociable sign. They thrive with loved ones. They withdraw from society when stressed or anxious. 


Scorpios avoid socializing and daily tasks. The worst-case scenario immediately sends them down. As a fixed sign, they dislike change and letting go, making it hard to overcome negative emotions.


Stressed Sags work too much. To avoid anxiety, they must keep busy. They can see the big picture because of their high self-awareness. Sagittarians are busy and positive.


Capricorn works harder when stressed and anxious. They try to drown their nerves in labor. The opposite usually happens. 


Aquarians are imaginative. This makes them more anxious than other zodiac signs. When their mind wanders, negative thoughts take over. They become passive-aggressive and cold.


When stressed, Pisces hide. Due to stress and trauma, they live in fantasyland. Pisces need solitude to release tension and feel everything.

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