You're active, Aries. Being busy isn't the point—not it's wasting time. If you don't post your intense workout routine on social media, you thoroughly clean your home.


Taurus—admit it. You love eating in your silk pajamas. If you get bored, online shopping and wine will solve your problems.


Friends, Gemini. Your ruler, Mercury, gives you energy and ideas, making you restless. Call a loved one—talking and thinking are oxygen.


Cancer, everything fades. If you're bored, dig up some of your favorite memories. You love scrapbooking, which is sweet.


Leo, your plays are special. Your colorful talents usually shine when you're with loved ones, Zodiac superstar. However, TikTok and Instagram Stories let you express yourself.


Yes, Virgo. How can boredom exist when there is always something to do at home or online? Though not everyone agrees, you have the productivity edge.


Libra—the when's next tea party? Your style is refreshing. You also spend most of your downtime getting dressed and trying out new looks. You're an atmosphere.


Scorpios, wear Blair Waldorf hats. Plotting and intrigue are your favorite activities—except for hot sex with someone you love. Always consider the unknown and extreme.


Sagittarius, what's next? I love your wild heart's ability to bring life to everything you touch. Everywhere you go, life is possible.


Capricorns can take breaks. Unlikely with your all-or-nothing drive. You prefer spreadsheets for your side business because you hate being bored. Preparation is good, right?


Aquarius—hot? what's Your retweets come from your sparkling spirit and technology. You probably run a private chat group when you're not testing tech gadgets.


You're Pisces. Your ruling planet, Neptune, makes you love art and film, so you'll know what to watch when you're bored. Think freely.

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