Aries love confrontation. Both are aggressive. They prefer immediate conflict resolution. When wronged, they forgive and forget quickly. 


Taurus hates conflict, especially when it involves an apology. They admit mistakes but refuse to fix them. They avoid conflict until the other party does.


Gemini can't decide. "Tomorrow" never comes, so they avoid talking. They prefer denial to problem-solving. 


Shy crabs are sensitive. They avoid and defend conflict naturally. They need reassurance when emotional. 


Leo, a fire sign, enjoys heated discussions. They can handle conflict and speak up. They never apologize and always follow through. 


Libras are peacemakers and hate fighting. Libra prefers compromise to conflict. They want issues resolved quickly without hurting feelings.


Virgo enjoys debate. They're smart and only say what's 100% true. In a dispute, they always present receipts and research.


Scorpios are private. They prefer to resolve disputes privately. They won't fight in public.


Sagittarius, one of the least aggressive zodiac signs, prefers to ignore problems. They avoid arguments and difficult situations. They think ignoring a problem will solve it.


When in conflict, Capricorn seeks advice from friends or family. They greatly value their loved ones' opinions. They pick their battles well.


Aquarius will flee conflict. They prefer positive energy and won't waste time with negative people. 


Pisces will contemplate a conflict before acting. They want to consider all the moving parts before highlighting it. They rarely speak but always end. 

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