He doesn't ignite your soul. You need lots of passion. Whether he's sweet, charming, or kind, if you don't feel the sparks, he's not right for you.


Too pushy. You don't like being told what to do and prefer to go at your own pace. If he's too pushy, you'll shut down before he realizes.


He's dull. While you're one of the most intriguing zodiac signs, if he bores you, the relationship is doomed from the start.


He disregards you. You're so kind, but you need someone to be there for you too. If it's not him, don't pick him.


He'd rather ignore you. You don't have to be the center of attention, but if he's always choosing video games over you, reconsider the relationship.


You can't talk to him. Talking about shallow things leaves you speechless. Even if you don't mind, it'll bother you.


He's too private. It's hard to feel like you're on an even playing field when you don't know what he's doing or thinking half the time. It will drive you insane.


He can't decide. If he doesn't tell you how he feels, how can you trust him? You know someone that indecisive will hurt you.


Sitting around all day is his preference. You don't like lazy weekends. You may drift away from him if he'd rather stay in bed all day than try something new.


He lacks maturity. You like to laugh, but you won't date a 12-year-old. Though it may make you sound like a snob, you need someone organized.


You're faster. You're everywhere, and while you don't need someone exactly like you, you do need someone who understands you. If he can't, you'll leave first.


He's cold. You want to break down his walls, but he runs away before you can. It may seem difficult at first, but as he closes off, you'll feel worse.

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