When Aries breaks down, they want someone else to be strong. In a rare moment of raw emotion, staying calm and confident will give them security.


Tauruses cry over irreplaceable losses. Time, family, heirlooms. Understanding their grief, even if it's something small and personal, will help them feel seen and validated.


Listen to a Gemini. They want no answers. They refuse reassurance. They need someone to vent to and cry on. Summarizing will show you care about their feelings.


A crying Cancer needs no words. Big emotions bother them. A reassuring physical presence is best. A companion, a friend. Anything that proves you'll stay.


Leos crave approval. Mirroring their emotions or supporting them helps them resolve their issues. Even if no one is to blame, they want support. Leos need to hear "Life's a bitch."


When with a Virgo, pretend nothing happened, slowly back away without eye contact, and never admit you saw them vulnerable. Unless you're their only hold.


Libras rationalize and apologize. Encourage crying. Even smart, self-aware, and mature people need to let it out. Understanding their feelings doesn't mean they shouldn't run their course.


Scorpios always need love. Wipe their tears, stroke their hair, blanket them, and kiss their forehead. Anything repetitive and soothing enough to help them relax and sleep. Emotions drain them.


Sagittarians can be calmed. They're moody despite their cheerfulness. They want reassurance that everything will be fine and a positive outlook.


Capricorns need a goal. Something to give them confidence when they feel helpless. After they calm down, find something they can help you with to lift their spirits.


Help Aquarians act on empathy. They will absorb every detail of a global tragedy and mourn for strangers. Helping others will break their emotional paralysis.


Pisces need only connect the dots. They often feel something and express it before realizing the cause. Helping them identify what caused their reaction will give them peace.

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