You workout, Aries. You can workout without being invited to rock climb or jump.You're too active for the couch. It's crucial to vent stress and anger whenever you can.


You prefer to unwind when you can. That means turning off your phone, taking a break from social media, and doing something you enjoy. Allowing oneself to unwind is one of your favorite privileges.


Geminis prefer self-education. Phones are vital. Use your phone obsession to learn something new instead of feeling guilty. Gemini—you're smart. Explore more.


Cancer, enjoyment doesn't require going out. You despise idleness. You're homebody. You hug your family like a crab. You like being busy in your free time to improve your home life.


Leo never stops. Whether you're working or out with friends, you're always moving. You devote your free time to your latest passion project, loving it as much as your work and family.


You like trying new facial masks, going to the gym, and finishing that book on your nightstand. You try to make the most of your free time because it's rare.


Libra, sociable butterfly. Even at work, you text your teammates. You want your loved ones to realize distance and time cannot damage your bond. Friends are life.


Scorpio, you're always busy. Your to-do list is as long as your arm, and if you don't start working on it now while you have time, it will just sit on your phone collecting digital dust.


Sagittarius loves adventure. Because life is too brief, you like to travel. Explore to find your new favorite spot. You like learning too. Discover new adventures for both.


Capricorn, you enjoy spending time doing what you love. You don't do things for fun, so when you have free time, you do something meaningful. Either way, you use your leisure time for good.


Aquarius, you prefer productive recreation. Assisting all is difficult. Be efficient. You aid people even though you're busy. If it matters, make time in your busy week.


Pisces, your free time is creative. Pisces can imagine anything. I won't tell your boss, but you're probably thinking about your next creative endeavor when you're at work.

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