Your Aries boyfriend loves. He might ask a "just a friend" for advice he could Google because he loves playful banter. Beware of his phone, as he may be arguing.


Physical attraction may sway your Taurus boyfriend, a sensual earth sign. He may tip a hot waitress or bartender excessively. or another small gesture.


Dual and communicative Geminis. Your Gemini boyfriend may be micro-cheating by stalking another girl's social media and liking her posts more than yours. They love online people-watching.


Cancer men may seek emotional connection elsewhere. He may vent to another to get a response he thinks only that girl can give. Late-night talks are dangerous.


Leos want praise. Your Leo boyfriend may be micro-cheating by excluding you from conversations with friends and coworkers, energizing him. This lion may want more.


Virgos analyze. A tattered or out-of-style item that reminds your Virgo boyfriend of an ex may be micro-cheating. He may have had meticulous relationships. He may be fixated.


Your Libra boyfriend may meet another woman for dinner or drinks and claim it's work-related. Avoid long after-work "meetings."


Scorpios are enigmatic. Your Scorpio boyfriend may be micro-cheating by sharing code words and inside jokes with other women.


Freedom is sagittarian. To feel like he has options, he may leave his wedding ring at home when he goes out with the boys. He may enjoy the brief freedom.


You enjoyed their gratitude for introducing new cultures and tastes. For once, you enjoyed educating and entertaining. This person taught you to enjoy yourself without worrying about upstaging others.


Aquarius is inventive. Aquarius boyfriends may micro-cheat strangely. He may advise you to dress like his crush.


Emotional Pisces dream. Your Pisces boyfriend may be micro-cheating by closing his eyes and daydreaming about his "opium of the moment." He may be daydreaming about another's embrace.

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