Ex-Aries is determined. When you don't respond to their texts or calls, they'll stop by the coffee shop where you get your morning latte and "accidentally run into you."


Taurus ex's persistence kills. You'll go crazy waiting for their calls or texts. Or not? If you respond, they'll likely wait a day or two to thoughtfully reply.


Gemini ex-girlfriends freeze. They'll ask you to hang out and send mixed signals to make you think they love you.


Cancerians care. To win you back, they'll text about your good times. They won't discuss your relationship's lows or breakup. By focusing on the good times, they'll convince you.


Leo ex-boyfriends are used to getting what they want. They'll be direct without hesitation. They'll say they want you back and do anything to get a "yes."


The thoughtful Virgo ex. They'll deliver your favorite flowers with a note saying, "Because I know orchids are your favorite." They know what will make you reconsider the breakup.


Libra ex hates being alone. They're the ex who calls you at random to ask if you're having dinner because they can't eat spaghetti alone. They're just lonely.


Scorpio ex will text after seeing your Instagram post with friend. They reconsider why your relationship ended and contact you because they can't stand seeing you with someone else.


Ex-Sagittarius thinks you'll be together forever. Deep, they'll leave your reunion to "fate" and "destiny," which you'll misinterpret as lack of effort or distance, putting you back at square one.


Capricorn ex is organized. They won't beg to return. They'll share a list of your relationship's pros and cons. They'll make pros seem much better than cons.


Aquarius ex-girlfriends fear awkward silences and having to talk to someone they still love. They'll never open up to you. You won't notice they want you back until they tell you.


Ex-Pisces pamper. They'll text you until 3 a.m. They'll request another restaurant after seeing your first date's. Pisces ex-boyfriends want special treatment.

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