You always speak your mind. Aries, this transit will make you extra flirty, so send that risky text or sext. You may even feel more comfortable discussing relationship enhancement with your partner.


Now is the time to recover from heartbreak, disappointment, or relationship neglect. Consider what you want and deserve. Taurus, value yourself. Defend yourself.


Shine now! When you're with someone, it's easier to talk about your relationship goals. If you're single, you'll feel flirty and attract attention. Gemini, prepare!


You may want closure from someone this transit. Let go if you've ended a toxic relationship or want to talk to your partner. Cancer, let your emotions out to heal.


Leo wants love. This transit will start conversations. You'll meet someone on a dating app or finally give in to that flirty connection. Drop what's wrong.


You feel lucky and confident now. Work appreciation has put you in a good mood, which spreads to other areas of your life. Don't avoid flirty eyes! Virgo, embrace!


You imagine your ideal life and partner. Libra, this transit encourages you to go after what you want. Meet new people or suggest a new couple's activity. Feeling risky!


Love and s*x intensify during this transit! You want raw emotion, Scorpio. You may try new things with your partner or with that person you've been crushing on.


Sagittarius, this may be extra special. This transit inspires you to improve your relationship or meet new people. It brings harmony to your life and makes you feel great!


You prefer routine to spontaneity. Singles may meet at work, the gym, coffee shops, or grocery stores. You'll do something fun and romantic each week if you're partnered. Capricorn, enjoy!


After your career and self-improvement, love is in the air! Join a dating app or deepen your relationship. Aquarius, accept. You're love-ready.


You enjoy sharing your emotions. You live for that! Singles need more heart-to-hearts. Dating makes you more likely to meet the family, take a vacation, or move in together. Pisces, enjoy!

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