Mars rules Ram. You fight. You'll persist. Beat right. It helps boxing and martial arts but hurts friendships. Arguing humiliates. Scars may never heal.


Bulls' stubbornness can backfire in arguments. You're not a bully, but you're stubborn. Your stubbornness may block your partner.  Bad strategy.


Mercury-ruled Geminis are great writers and speakers. You hate fighting but like rationally discussing your partner's issues. You'll stab people with persuasion if you fight.


Because you're emotional, you're empathetic. You may care too much about hurting the other person, even if they don't. Your emotional arguments often lead to factual errors.


Sun-ruled lion? Does it provoke? Confident—sometimes overconfident—you are. Always ready to fight. You dislike others' opinions, no matter how well-reasoned. Friendships and romance shouldn't be seen as wars.


Messenger Mercury rules Virgo. Avoid conflict, especially cruelty. No cursing. You prefer passive-aggressive comments to belittling. Argue defensively. Retaliation is good. They're right? If correct, listen.


Messenger Mercury rules Virgo. Avoid violence. No cursing. You prefer passive-aggressive remarks. Argue defensively. Good retaliation. They're right? Correct? Listen.


Mars rules Scorpio. Prepare and fight. This is fine, but never start a fight—only end it. Avoid venting on friends and partners. First shoot, then punch. That's illegal.


Despite your reluctance, shoot and disable your target. Losers don't fight. Arguing is for fools unless the issue matters. You'll stoop. 


Arrogant but rational. Cruel and icy. It's heartbreaking to feel indifferent when a friend or lover opens up. You're passive-aggressive. Be nice to keep friends.


You're peaceful. They're right. Focusing on facts avoids pompousness, coldness, and condescension. Criticize your opponent's lack of evidence rather than insulting them. You're wrong.


Anger hurts lovers. Fights throw you. Conflict incapacitates. No way. Conflict escalates. You'll seem indifferent. Say you hate fighting, not cowardly. Explain and calm. 

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