To see them, you will change your schedule and travel far. You're pleased to visit. Sometimes you feel high without drugs. If love is a drug, you won't resist it.


Defend slanderers. More daring. Your tastes are consistent. With a new love partner, you want to appreciate their interests, activities, and cultures.


Without realising it, your heart beats with your partner's in love. Since you're in sync, cleaning laundry or painting a house doesn't tyre you. They make things fun.


 Love means letting someone take care of you. Forgiven. You don't care about their happiness or how you may have saved the relationship since you're emotionally attached.


You love to loathe them. If they pushed every button, you'd return. You don't mind your regular turnoffs. You'd kiss them after they ate something nauseating.


You're comfortable showing them your true, strange self. You realise they're imperfect, but you don't focus on them or yours. Their peculiarities, errors, and oddities make them more intriguing.


They can disagree. You dislike arguing yet think you can differ without harming someone. Anything goes. They'll accept honesty. Respect and love.


Staring is love. Details are revealed. When you're always together, you never look away. Sitting with them and looking into their beautiful eyes is your favourite. 


You're in love if you adore making them laugh. Humor flirts. You realise that humour is endearing and that knowing what makes others laugh shows you know them well. 


When you feel comfortable with them, falling in love stops feeling like an illness. Fresh love worries you about their view and mistakes. Luckily, your sweaty, queasy feeling is worth it.


You're stuck. Love. Avoiding vulnerability can cost you everything. Admit your feelings. Loving someone won't ruin the world, making you joyful.


Imagine their reaction to a funny YouTube video or a gorgeous sunset. You like constructing playlists for others, and those songs were your way of discreetly showing you care.

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