You must match my energy to kiss me. Aries want passion most. They want to know you love them. It's worst to ignore them.


You have to kiss me first. Tauruses will wait for you to kiss them if they sense any hesitation.


I'll kiss you if you laugh. Geminis need more. They must like you personally. You must energize and entertain them.


I won't kiss you unless you care about my mind and body. Cancers prefer serious relationships, so they want to make sure you agree before moving forward.


I won't kiss you unless you invest more in our relationship. Leos want to be spoiled, so they won't reward bad behavior with intimacy.


Until you're comfortable, I won't kiss you. Virgos will not compromise. They must trust you and believe you care about them.


You must make me feel special to kiss me. Libras love. They want wooing. Before kissing you, they want you to be madly in love or wildly attracted to them.


I won't kiss you unless you only want me. Jealousy bothers Scorpios. They won't compete for your attention. They want to know you only love them.


Let me kiss you. Sagittarius naturally lead. They like control. They prefer to initiate the relationship and set the rules.


You must get to know me before I kiss you. Capricorns want more. They want an intellectual conversation partner.


You must flirt before we kiss. Aquarius don't want random kisses. They want a long buildup. Tease them beforehand to build anticipation.


I won't kiss you unless you're patient and respectful. Pisces won't like being forced to move faster. They prefer leading.

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