Aries will work hard if you do. Only if you give back. They won't bother otherwise.


Tauruses won't waste their time if you won't label the relationship and commit. They need to know you're serious.


Geminis want attention. They want you to see their effort. If you ignore their kindness or act entitled, they'll stop trying.


Cancers want exclusivity. If you treat them well, they won't be jealous. They should know you only want them.


They want a pampered relationship. They want to be a big part of your world, not your whole world. They won’t accept less.


Virgos return kindness. If you disappear every few weeks, they'll tire. If you don't want attention, they won't.


Libras value honesty. They want to know you'll treat them equally with friends and alone. They expect respect always.


Scorpios will never forget your heartbreak. You'll lose their interest if you hurt them. They'll split.


Sagittarius want to know you care. You consider the connection permanent. If you won't stay, they won't bother.


Capricorns hate being put down. They want you to appreciate their kindness, not think they could have done better.


They'll quit if you're indifferent. They won't try to please you if nothing works.


If you only give them crumbs, they won't do more. They'll match your energy, so set the pace. If you want more, give more.

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