They won't put up with you constantly checking your phone. They're going to try to get your full focus.


They won't put up with talks that only benefit themselves. They're hoping you'll join in the conversation and share some information about yourself.


They won't put up with any form of worker disrespect. They are looking for someone who treats everyone they come in contact with with kindness.


They don't put up with any boasting. They're looking for somebody with assurance without arrogance.


They won't stand for any fibs, no matter how minor. They aren't interested in seeing you put on a performance for them. Just be who you are around them.


Being late is not acceptable to them. Respect for their time and commitments is required. If you don't respect their time, they won't respect you.


A person's eyes must not wander while around them. On a date, they anticipate being the centre of your attention.


They can't stand those who think they're better than everyone else. They won't want to continue talking to you if you judge them negatively for the things they like.


They won’t tolerate hypocrisy. They want someone who means what they say and holds themselves to the same high standards they have for their partners.


They will not accept ambiguous messages. They want to know how you’re feeling and aren’t going to waste their energy trying to decipher signals.


They have zero patience for slackness. They want you to invest as much time and energy in the relationship as they are, especially in the beginning when they are still getting to know you.


They won’t tolerate too much negativity. They require the support of an upbeat individual who will never bring them down.