Embrace the season's regenerative power as your own fervent passion lights the way to fresh beginnings and a renewed sense of strength within you.


Plant the seeds of long-term growth and prosperity in the season's favourable climate by exercising patience and resiliency.


Let your curiosity be your guide as the winds of change blow you towards previously undiscovered associations and avenues of thought.


Have faith that the sun's warmth will protect and comfort your vulnerable heart, helping it to develop and flourish.


Relax in the glow of the equinox, your charisma shining bright as you encourage those around you with your selfless nature and unshakeable faith.

In the same way that you nurture the world around you, take pleasure in the rebirth of nature by carefully tending to your own development and progress.



Discover harmony in the equinox's equilibrium by balancing the scales of your relationships and your own desires.


Dive into your inner knowing as the season's change reveals previously unseen depths and shines a light on your innate strength.


Take a chance in the springtime spirit, welcoming the unknown with excitement and finding unrestrained freedom along the way.


As springtime arrives, it's a good time to reflect on where you came from and how your ancestry has helped shape who you are today.


Feel the hum of revolutionary new ideas as the energies of the spring equinox awaken you to a world of endless possibility.


Dive deep into the river of rebirth and let the gentle currents of compassion and insight teach you about yourself and the world.

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