Low-Upkeep Hair Colors That Permit You to Skip the Salon

Soft Bronde

Instead of going from dark brown to blonde, which would require a lot of upkeep, it's best to lighten up without committing to the new look. 

Accents with a Deeper Dark Root

Intense highlights in dark hair can look like a lot of work.  As her hair continues to grow out, the black from her root shadow will make it look natural.

Golden Brunette

These honey highlights are so light that they will naturally fade away without any maintenance on your part. 

Warm Blonde

Although blonde hair is known to be tough to maintain, this style has a warm honey base that will seem more natural as it fades. 

Minimal Highlights

Even tiny hair color changes might have a major impact if you're just starting out. These subtle highlights add complexity to this natural style, and they may be removed as they grow out. 

Copper Ribbons

A dark hair color can be warmed up in an instant by adding ribbons of copper highlights. The growth phase will not provide any difficulties. 

Champagne Mauve

You might think a bright hair color like this is trendy and high maintenance, but if you want a new look that doesn't involve another color treatment, you can simply let it grow out or get a haircut. 

Cool Beige Blonde

This crystalline masterpiece highlights her naturally dark roots without making them look garish.

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