Aries should focus on career goals during the Virgo Worm Moon. You may feel more ambitious and ready for new work challenges. Set new goals and create a plan with this energy.


Taurus should prioritize health during the Worm Moon in Virgo. Start a new exercise routine or adopt healthier habits now. Prioritize self-care and mental and physical health.


The Worm Moon in Virgo should focus Gemini on relationships. Consider which friendships and romances are worth investing in. Build relationships now.


Cancer should focus on family during the Worm Moon in Virgo. This is a good time for home improvements or family time. Focus on making your family comfortable and safe.


The Worm Moon in Virgo inspires creativity and self-expression in Leo. You may be inspired to start a new project or creative passion. Use this energy to unleash your creativity.


Virgo, shine now. The Worm Moon in your sign energizes you to finish any unfinished tasks. Organize your home and work life with this energy. Use this moon phase to improve your craft.


Libra, the Worm Moon in Virgo encourages self-care. Prioritize self-care to achieve balance. This moon phase encourages open communication, especially with close friends and family.


Scorpio, the Virgo Worm Moon emphasizes financial security. Adjust your finances during this moon phase. This is also a good time to look for new income or long-term investments.


Sagittarius, the Worm Moon in Virgo inspires new personal growth and expansion. This moon phase incites risk-taking and passion. Use this energy to explore and learn.


Capricorn, the Virgo Worm Moon emphasizes introspection. Consider how your values and beliefs affect your life. This moon phase also encourages deeper intuition and inner voice.


Aquarius, the Virgo Worm Moon inspires creativity. Create and experiment with this energy. This moon phase encourages community involvement and cause support.


Pisces, Virgo Worm Boundaries and mental health are Moon's priorities. Set healthy boundaries with energy drainers during this moon phase. Now is the time for emotional self-care.


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