Mars-ruled fire signs are disciplined. Careful discipline is beneficial. You also like molding your kids. Controlling your kids is good, but trapping them can backfire.


You're stern, but only on important matters. You're a good parent. Excessively tolerant. They're forgiven too much. Be yourself unless it hurts.


Your children would not repeat your parents' mistakes. Your kid resembles you. They're too like you. Your kids are like Groundhog Day—each day is a chance to do things differently. 


You're the zodiac parent with the most love. Your kids are your inspiration, pride, and friends. These are good qualities for love-starved adults.


vigilantly protecting. Their goal. No problem. Don't micromanage. Maya Angelou said, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."


Permissive/uninvolved parenting suits your unique children. You're a role model and involved parent. "Do as I say, not as I do" parents aren't hypocrites. You let your children explore.


Scales, but detached parenting. Librans let their kids "sink or swim," depending on their birthday. You know the world is hard, but you think sending them out unprepared is best.


You lead gently. All right. Maybe micromanagement. You check off personal tasks. Dusters jump. For you. Your kid's special. More relaxed. Respect simplifies.


Permissive parenting. Involvement helps your kids. Fun-loving you never doubt or criticize your kids. You want to be associated with joy, love, and fun, not negativity.


You're a bossy, "Don't question my authority!" parent. Your kids learn life's unfairness, frustration, and unrewarding. to avoid your pain. Don't discourage. Balanced parenting is best.


You're sweet. Permissive but involved. Maybe you're too involved. Pizza, please. Sick kids stay home, not taken temperatures. Overprotecting your child hinders development. Leniency preserves youth.


You're strict but love your child. You can imagine your child's life without discipline and education. You comprehend stern. Your compassion won't break your child's heart.