An absence of intimacy

He has made efforts to distance himself from you, and intimacy between the two of you has diminished.

Concealing a wallet and cards

After going from work or outside, he used to leave his pocketbook and cards on the tables, but now he hides them from you.

Changes in communication

As an indication of your lack of communication, your husband does not talk to you after arriving home or ask how your day was. He ignores everything.

Having less phone conversations

We used to spend a lot of time on the phone chatting, but recently he's been either avoiding your calls or giving you lame excuses whenever he does.

Hiding the phone or talking away

When someone who previously spoke to you openly on a call is suddenly talking covertly by going away from you when he receives a call, 

they are either keeping the mobile phone hidden from you or have changed the password to the phone so that it cannot be accessed without a special code.

Late at night, he's begun to arrive

He used to rarely go out at night or never at all, but recently he's been consistently arriving home after midnight or after a night out.

Too many style and appearance changes

A shift in his wardrobe and an increase in his time spent primping are both indicators that he is paying more attention to his appearance than he used to.

Alone-going has grown

You used to go out with your husband, but now he's going out alone and avoiding you and making excuses for not taking you.

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