The overall preference of Librans is for partnerships that are balanced and harmonious, making them the most passive-aggressive sign of the zodiac. 

These individuals repress their own emotions in order to place other people's needs ahead of their own.


When things go bad for them, Pisces have a tendency to run away, and their empathic and sensitive natures make them more likely to avoid open

conversation or confrontation. When they are wronged in some way, they respond with a form of behavior known as passive aggression.


Even though they are notoriously difficult to persuade, those born under the Taurus zodiac prefer to avoid conflict.


Cancerians are highly sensitive individuals who also have a tendency to lose their anger easily.

These are the kinds of people that are so easily swayed by their emotions that they lack the motivation to look for a solution to the problem that they are now facing.


The people who are born under the sign of Aquarius have a nature that is very quick and driving, and they believe that they are superior to other people. 

They make an effort to sidestep any problem whenever they are unable to discover a time that is convenient for them.


A Leo will avoid dealing with problems head-on, preferring instead to deal with them quietly so that they may keep getting all the attention.

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