Signals Your Significant Other Isn't Really Committed to Marriage

They swiftly change the subject of marriage

When you're really animated while discussing your ideas, but they tune out as soon as the subject of marriage arises.

If your potential spouse avoids the subject of marriage, it's a red flag that they're not emotionally prepared to tie the knot.

They are disparaging of marriage in general

When a partner is not prepared for marriage, they will make negative comments about marriage. When you talk about marriage with your partner, you will learn how your partner feels about marriage. 

When the subject of marriage comes up in conversation, you will know how your partner feels about marriage. In such case, how do they respond to it?

When marriage is brought up, their demeanour changes

Even if they express interest in the relationship in other ways, it's best to keep things as they are for the time being instead of broaching the subject of marriage.

When asked about marriage, though, their disposition abruptly shifts from pleasant to hostile.

As a result, they avoid discussions concerning the future

When you start making preparations for your partner's marriage and talk about how to take your future ahead after marriage, but when your partner is not ready,

they avoid talking about the future, despite the fact that you have started making those arrangements.

They won't hold back from telling you that

At times, a prospective spouse will tell you straight out and without any apologies that he is not yet ready to tie the knot.

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