Pisces are sensitive because they digest things deeply. They're wise and compassionate. Pisces are sensitive, thus they're expected to cry.


Cancers feel everything. They're more emotional than most zodiac signs and worry about how others may react to problems.Cancers are profoundly empathetic.


The difficulty to make snap judgments is a common tendency among very sensitive people, and this is certainly true of Libra. They take longer to decide because they consider all the angles.

If a Libra makes a poor choice, they are likely to get even more disturbed by the outcome. Libra has a long memory and will remember anything that goes wrong.


It's easy for a Gemini to take things to heart. Anyone who isn't having a good time at a party hosted by a Gemini will feel responsible for it.

Due to their indecisiveness, Geminis are easily overwhelmed with possibilities. They're sensitive to others' sentiments and never wish to hurt them.


Tauruses are stylish and attractive. Taurus are charming and don't mind being the focus of attention. Taurus's room-commanding skills are impressive.


Detail-oriented Virgos are sensitive.They're hyperaware and feel like one giant nerve. They take things personally and see negativity where none exists.They're twisted and unpredictable.


Despite appearances, Scorpios are sensitive to disorder and loudness. When there is too much going on, they become overstimulated and overwhelmed.

They thrive when they apply their singular, intense focus to a single activity at a time, rather than trying to juggle several at once. They seem to read minds because they are so perceptive.

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