Scorpios have several positive and negative magical powers. Scorpios may do amazing things when they focus. They're spiritually and materially intuitive. 

They're best at sexual, defensive, and obstacle-removing spells. Scorpios' instincts and survival abilities are primordial. They'll use their powers to discover the truth.


Pisces are sensitive to the world and the other. They use dreams to predict the future. Pisces believe in manifesting—imagine it, it will happen.

Because they care, Pisces heal and strengthen. Pisces can talk to ghosts and spirits and sometimes need to withdraw into their imagination to avoid them.


Cancers need to feel safe to use their magical powers. They won't let anyone interrupt or see them cast a spell. Divination comes naturally to them.

They're also good at giving hurting people an open heart, sound guidance, or comfort. Cancers are so emotionally linked that they can be overwhelmed by others' feelings.


Aquarius invents and creates from nothing. Their inventiveness and freedom from oppression are amazing powers.

Aquarians excel at astral projection and distant viewing. Aquariuses' spirits aren't always in bed with them. Who knows where Aquarius can go spiritually.


Aries' magic creates energy and vitality best. They naturally lift spirits. They excel at sex magic and banishing evil energy.

Aries-born exorcisms are successful. They have magical powers due to their extraordinary lack of fear.

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