Although Taureans are known for being stubborn and unwavering in their beliefs, their romantic nature and protective nature make them perfect other ladies. 

This means that they will take action to claim the love they perceive as theirs, regardless of the circumstances.


Geminis are some of the most manipulative since they have two personalities. Manipulation can be good—unless it's used to steal someone's relationship.

As free-spirit Geminis, they'll rationalise their time as the other lady as just another exciting adventure.


Sagittarius' good energy and optimism make her a fantastic friend, but beware! She's too brash and irresponsible to say no to a bad scenario.


Although Aries is the most selfish zodiac sign, her determination and urge to do the right thing keep her from being one of the most likely mistresses.

 She's more likely to be a home-wrecker than others because of her extreme selfishness. She's selfish even when she's right.


Open-minded, compassionate idealists are great—until Aquarius faces a moral dilemma. Then no bets. Aquarius sees a connected person as a symbol that love and conflict are fair,


The other lady might be a Scorpio. Her passion for living may easily be misconstrued as lust for an inappropriate person.

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