Libras focus on appearances and often take their dissatisfaction out on others. Librans overcompensate by flattering others because they never believe or secure with their image.

They think others will ignore their physical defects if they compliment them. They are harsh self-judgers who survive on self-hate.


Always guilty, Virgo. They judge themselves harshly because they think they wronged someone, not because they're bad. It turns into a self-hatred guilt fest.


When things don't go as planned, Pisces tend to put the responsibility on themselves. Self-pity and self-judgment are common issues for Pisces.

You erred, but Pisces believes they went much further. The Piscean takes great pleasure in wallowing in self-pity and hopelessness.


Cancer-born people dwell on their flaws and virtues. This indicator causes lifelong eating issues. Nobody worries more about their diet or weight.

They constantly try to lose weight despite their distaste for dieting. Cancers distrust everyone else, but are harshest on themselves for being everything they don't want to be.


Ironically, this sign produces some of the most confident and neurotic people on Earth. Even when they look great, Taurus is never content with their appearance.

They're confident in other areas, but they're insecure about their bodies. Tauruses will check where you embraced them after hugging them.


Capricorn's judgment is swift and always directed at themselves because they know right from wrong. They hate failing and admitting faults. Capricorns feel sorry,

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but they can't get over their sense of entitlement.When they fail, they go berserk and damage themselves. Capricorn secretly judges themselves harshly.