In general, those born under the Leo zodiac sign are very set in their beliefs and rarely waver once they've made up their minds.

According with their fixed nature, Leos despise disruptions to their routines and prefer the status quo.


Because they are realistic about their own limitations, Taureans resist change, and when it occurs anyway—even if they do not welcome it—they get disoriented and stressed.


To keep up with the times, Aquarians are quick to adopt new technologies and methods, but they are notoriously resistant to altering what works.


Virgo understands that transformation is constant and welcomes the opportunity to grow. But, before accepting any change, these individuals conduct an analysis;

if they can identify benefits, they do so, and if the change would have an impact on them, they do not hold back in their opposition.


Although they embrace change when it benefits them, Aries might be resistant to it when it threatens their well-being.


When Capricorns are forced to adapt to new circumstances, they become irrational and confused about what steps to do next. 

Those born under the sign of the Capricorn prefer to maintain a certain level of control and order in their lives.

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