Cancers always rank high in relationships, and for good reason.They adore love, home, and commitment. Even introverted Cancers thrive in relationships. 

Cancers are the finest spouses because they desire to feel grounded and secure at home with a loving family.


Libras are the zodiac's romantics, yet their flirtatiousness, indecisiveness, and drive for perfection may make them unsuitable long-term companions. 

This is false. Libras will be indecisive early in life, while courting. . Their life will revolve around improving their relationship. 


They're also wonderful partners. Their optimistic and non-confrontational attitude on life heals many relationship issues and makes it romantic.

Pisces love commitment. Kids require stability and security as often as possible. Pisces make reliable life partners.


Geminis make great partners. Criticize emotional people. Geminis love forever. Geminis are known for bad relationships, yet they are trustworthy & inquisitive.


Because they thrive in committed partnerships, Capricorns are terrific partners. Capricorns are risk-averse, thus discovering their life partner is relaxing and wonderful.

Capricorns support connections. They're sounding boards, firm shoulders to cry on, and the earliest audience cheerleaders. Capricorns shine then. 


Persuading Virgos to commit takes patience. Overthinkers self-sabotage before committing. Following that, they'll survive life. They want to marry the proper person.


Tauruses are fickle but faithful. When they discover the proper person, they become faithful and kind mates.

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