Cancers can be overly emotional and fixate on the negative. Cancers hate being injured, but it happens to them often, making them attached.

To trust again, they require reassurance throughout a relationship. They don't want to suspect someone's motives, but experience has taught them not to trust anyone.


Overly sensitive and gloomy Pisces need constant reinforcement. They can't believe that sometimes things are fantastic and that even if anything awful happened, you had fun.


They lack self-confidence and have significant insecurities. Friends, family, and coworkers encourage Virgo. They may be gentler to themselves if others reassure them.

Virgos' perfectionism usually causes dissatisfaction. Virgos need praise to learn from their mistakes and persevere.


Libras need praise for their work, stage performance, and party. They also appreciate compliments from their partner.Libra wants confirmation to believe.


Because of their nervous nature, Geminis benefit from reassurance. Although Geminis enjoy being around others, they may feel that their thoughts aren't being taken seriously.

People need to hear encouraging words so they may cease questioning their own capabilities. If a Gemini really wants to control the world, all they need is encouragement.


Capricorns need constant reinforcement because they work hard yet may feel unappreciated. Capricorns need reassurance that their efforts are appreciated and will be rewarded.

They think people are uninterested because they don't see their fun or wacky side. Youngsters need to discover that their anxieties about not having friends are unfounded.

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