Analytical describes Virgos best. Information-hungry Virgos. They devour political and musical websites. They love to offer their wisdom and seem to know all the answers.

They investigate before buying to get the greatest deal. They locate the crucial information in a sea of data. Virgos analyse.


Analytical Aquariuses excel. They must innovate. Straight-talkers can appear insensitive because they dislike emotional drama.

 Funny how smart people say things without thinking. They're heartless. They're not cruel—they're just preoccupied with ideas.


Scorpio's famed sensuality may obscure their great intelligence. Scorpios are clever, mysterious, and loners. They love people but also read, watch movies, and use the computer at night.


Libras analyse people, discussions, and circumstances brilliantly. Libra can see both sides of a debate, unlike most individuals. They believe every subject has benefits and cons that must be considered.


Geminis also gather information before making a judgement. They're cautious, not indecisive. Geminis gather, evaluate, and decide. 

They adore opposition and discussing every facet of a decision or topic, expecting to be shown wrong. Geminis are usually four steps ahead of everyone else, so good luck.


Capricorn is the best at workplace left-brain thinking. They solve problems instantly. Their analytical thinking makes them brilliant at finances.

Capricorns excel at budgeting, forecasting, and assessing. Because they can self-teach and master anything, they work best alone.

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