Capricorn's strength will trick you. They shut down in milliseconds when emotionally tested, making others fear they've been lobotomized into oblivion.

Capricorns can't stand being bothered by their own thoughts, so they've learned to master the art of emotional detachment.


They've had a lot of suffering and learned how to deal with it—they shut down. Aquarians can appear emotionally lifeless, which can unnerve close friends and family.

They appear irritable, yet their temper is really a defense mechanism. They need you to believe this in order to keep you at a distance.


Scorpio's emotional emptiness is easily triggered by their natural coldness.Scorpios are the most likely to emotionally die in a crisis, although it's easier than we think.


Aries are stubborn but may be compassionate. Accepting emotional emptiness may help Aries control their emotional instability.

If an Aries wants to make it through life with the attitude that they are always right, then they need to learn to be okay with being empty sometimes.


Taurus has mentally fled the battlefield to avoid your Nonsense because they're already on edge. Drugs, booze, sex—Taurus shuts down with help.

Taurus takes their shutdown seriously because it restores balance. You'll hit a brick wall trying to approach someone when they're emotionally empty. 


Being a Gemini is challenging! Gemini's other side usually saves the day when things get too passionate and sensitive, especially with all those wanton, wild feelings inside.

Fragile Gemini loves all the emotions until they become all the aches, then it's goodbye emotional façade and hello frigid tundra of emptiness.

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