Sensitivity can make you overly vulnerable. After being deeply injured, you want to harm back passively.If Pisces doesn't get the love they need,

they often think they're unlovable. They'll emotionally withdraw and withhold affection. That's like harming themselves more than the other.


Capricorns hate showing weakness. To cope with hurt, they internalize. However, harmful expressions like withholding affection will result.

It may be unconscious. Capricorns can get so concentrated on work that they don't realize they're aloof, chilly, and not engaged with their partner. They assume they're just busy.


Cancers remember hurts well. They never want that again. Cancers have many emotions, which can be difficult to manage. They may feel safer without touching,

kissing, or hugging their loved one.Cancer is withholding in hopes that their companion will notice their need for extra attention and care.


Taurus won't express their affection unless they're sure they're loved. Taurus can be needy, but they realize no one wants to feel restricted,

so they strive to appear cold, unsympathetic, and uninterested in physical contact.Taurus will become more affectionate and secure in the partnership.


Scorpio is yet another sign that is particularly susceptible to outside stimuli. If a Scorpio's feelings are hurt, they will want vengeance. A broken heart is never forgotten by a Scorpio.

Love messes up Scorpio's self-control, therefore they must appear like they don't care to restore authority. Scorpios feel in control if they don't show love physically. 

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