Cancers rarely tell the truth, so if you're with one, you're being lied to. Cancers will betray you and judge you harshly. You'll be trashed if you don't please the Cancer.

Remember, this harsh sign is impatient with you and your desire to know them better. If you desire more, they'll provide even less. No way. They keep their veneer.


This sign is very private and doesn't trust others because trust requires disclosing yourself. Aquarius's actual self is prejudiced and bigoted, so avoid them.

They should cover their face and give people what they want if they want friends and lovers. They desire friends, but not commitment. Aquarius is figuring out who they are.


Libra's unknown. They hide like rugs. You've imagined your Libra lover's nature. They've never shown their true selves because you'd run and demand shock treatment.

Libra hides their genuine self since you wouldn't like them, which would upset Libra. No issues, no complains. Libra maintains stability via lying.


Pisces crave love and companionship, but not closeness. You'll love them as lovers since they're caring, yet they're neurotic. Pisces is delicate and always regrets putting oneself out there.

Pisces escape reality by being extremely kind and caring about you. You'll only see their kind-hearted facade if you focus on them.


Betrayed by Virgo. You don't know their thinking, partner. Money, support, and approval are needed by Virgo. They'll divulge nothing about themselves.

Self-protective Virgos will do everything it takes to retain their place in the relationship, but they only share their true selves with the best.


Geminis struggle to express their genuine self in almost every situation, thus it's normal in a romantic relationship. If you're in love with a Gemini, you'll never know.

Gemini may occasionally give you a sign, but they have so much to hide. Geminis are cold and secretive. Love eludes them. It wasn't sincere.

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