Fiery Aries. She's confident, courageous, and always seeking competition. She'll tell you if you're wrong.She'll fight you on Google to prove she's right.

She enjoys her work. She can become nasty and unhappy until things improve. She snaps. Lucky crossfire.Don't worry—if she's rude, she's a friend.


The tongue of a Gemini is deadly. Don't cross her unless you can take a punch to the face. The public will see her attitude.She will approach you in social settings such as parties.

She has spent the day perfecting her speech and is now looking for an audience.She is a fighter, too. You can't win since she won't listen to you or stop talking.


Leos have swagger. She teases, so don't worry.It's pleasant and underpins most of her relationships. She enjoys having fun with pals.she is passionate.

She's creative, thus her failures are hers.She can become withdrawn. Leo should not stay here. Get her tickets to a Broadway performance she's dying to see, and she'll snap out of it.


Scorpio values truth. If she suddenly throws major shade your way, you screwed up. She's a good buddy but has a dark side.

When offended, her dark side emerges. She always wants the truth and will get it.Don't lie to her—she can smell BS. She is resourceful and will extract the truth from you. 


Capricorn has the lowest attitude of the signs. Still powerful.It may take an hour to realize she's upset at you. She is quite serious and self-controlled.

I'd back down if you can't take her mature, yet severe, confrontation style. Her calm, composed speech will outshine your ranting.She’s above that. Way up.

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