7 of Wands
As an Aries, you seem to be overstepping. Perseverance is great, but there's a point when you need to let this person go.


The Tower
Then they ghosted you. The Tower is about the foundation crumbling, so your crush may have never considered you.


Page of Swords
You texted them to see their response. Gemini, silence answers. Your crush wouldn't have left on read if they wanted you.


Ace of Cups
Did you text them after learning they were single? This card suggests they may have started dating recently and you haven't heard about it. If they're dating someone new, back off.


Knight of Cups
You texted your crush because you felt romantic. The issue? They're not swooning because you are. You're far apart.


7 of Pentacles
Your long-term view is this card. Maybe you overplanned your future with your crush. Even if they liked you, that pressure can turn them off.


6 of Cups
You like crushes. Your crush wants to be asked out. They had childhood "crushes". Your old-fashioned approach may be ignoring you.


10 of Swords
Despite your compatibility, you seem more ready to date than your crush. They're still grieving a terrible loss. I hope they write back when they're done.


2 of Cups
It's this: This card indicates mutual attraction. Silence isn't about compatibility. Your crush may have issues unrelated to you. Wait and see.


Queen of Pentacles
You may have misinterpreted their kindness as reciprocation. The silence means your crush realized you want more than they do.


King of Swords
Even if you texted your crush for a non-dating reason, they're smart enough to know. This demonstrates “if they wanted to, they would.” The silence answers.


The Hierophant
Your crush likes traditional wooing. Texting them may deter them. Ask them out in person if you want to give it another shot.

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