Temporary Hair Colors: 9 Options for Women with Little Upkeep

Face Framing Highlights

Highlights around the face are always fashionable.  They're low-maintenance! These golden face-framing highlights will make your naturally dark hair look stylish!

Fiery Red

If you want to exude boldness and self-assurance without putting in too much effort, lowlights in fiery red are the way to go. This color is also very low maintenance.


If you have brown hair, adding some stunning golden-blonde highlights to it will make you look extra gorgeous with very little work on your part.

Caramel Root Melt

With this freehand balayage style, the dark color at your roots seems to be melting down to your tips, leaving them a gorgeous honey-caramel hue. 


These highlights in brown and blonde hair color will give you a metallic edge over other colors while still allowing you to maintain a low-maintenance style that's perfect for everyday use.

Brunette To Blonde

You have a lovely new look with these blonde highlights mixed into the roots of your hair. There will be less need for touch-ups because the color will hold up better.

Dipped Tips

Want to find something to complement your flamboyant curls. If your natural hair color is dark, these icy highlights will pop even more.

Global Red-Brown Hair

Coloring your hair from roots to tips! This classic global hair color deserves attention. Maintaining it doesn't require frequent salon visits!

Burgundy Balayage

Black or dark brown hair looks great with burgundy balayage. Even if new hair grows, you don't need to visit the salon every few weeks to maintain it.

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